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Dwarf Container 40’ x 8.5’x6.3’ : 67% Additional Volumes on Railway Wagon

  • External Dimension LxWxH : 12192 x 2600 x 1930 mm Internal Dimensions : LxWxH : 12050 x 2550 x 1812 mm
  • Gross Weight 36 T Payload 32.5T :Utilize full Payload of Latest Design wagon i.e. BLCS wagons.
  • Low height allows double stacking of containers on all IR routes . This concept commercialized for the first time in world
  • Gross weight of 36 T container designed developed and manufactured for the first time in world
  • Reduce unit cost of transportation from 20-50% for light and medium heavy cargo.

Flooring System of Dwarf Containers :

KCT Designed , Developed and inhouse manufacture Special Composite Sheet of variable thickness  for flooring of Dwarf Containers which is lighter, sturdier and more life compared to wooden flooring system Use of Composite sheet in flooring system of containers is done for the first time in world

Special Corner Casting

Developed in house  as per IS suited for dwarf container width of 2600 mm with modified dimensions  242x115x178mm

Unitization of Less Than Truck Load (LTL) Cargo : Cheaper, Safer & Secure

  • CUBOID Container LxWxH: 2.55×2.00×2.73 m
  • Volume: 12.5 cum
  • Payload: 2.5 MT i.e. 5 cum/ MT ( Ideal for Parcel )
  • Gross: 3.3 MT it can be handled by forklift of 5 MT with load center at 1.225 m.
  • Very good for two-wheeler (10 motorbike per CUBOID) & three-wheeler (4 no per CUBOID)  transportation along with parcel cargo.
  • Longer journey through Rail gives advantage  of safety, security and low cost.
  • Last and first miles optimized through light commercial vehicle or 20’ trucks . Best use of costly assets such as trucks , pick up truck and wagons.
  • Avoid multiple handling of cargo and covered warehouses for consolidation.
  • Most of handling activities are mechanized using readily available fork-lifts and reach stacker .
  • Ideal equipment for least exposure in Covid-19 situation.


First Mile


Three CUBOID ON 20’ Truck

5 CUBOID on 33’ Truck

Longer Journey by Rail Six CUBOID per BLC Wagon: 270 Cuboid / Rake

  • 15 MT of Parcel Cargo/wagon, 675 MT/Rake
  • 48 Motor Bike per wagon; 2160/Rake will replace 54 trucks.
  • 8 three wheelers per wagon; 810per rake, can be efficient rail options for three wheelers.
  • All operation by Fork-Lifts avoid costly container handling equipment and special railway yards. Although reach stacker can also be used.
  • Can provide hoping facility for parcel users.

Last Mile


Three CUBOID ON 20’ Truck

5 CUBOID on 33’ Truck

Arrangement for AutoMobile transportation

Four Bike on a stand

5 Cuboid on 33’ truck i.e 40 bike for first & last mile

Two Bike Stand in a Cuboid i.e. 8 Bike per container

6 Cuboid on one wagon i.e. 48 bike

wagon and 2160 bikes per rake For Longer Journey

5 Cuboid on 33’ truck i.e 40 bike for first & last mile

Super High Cube Dwarf For Auto Car and light Weight Cargo for DSDC, Eastern DFC and Western  DFC


Double Stack Dwarf Container routesCapacity Increase 48%


For Eastern DFC Capacity Increase 97%


For Western DFC Capacity increase by 200%

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